My first born is all growned up.  Congrats to the grad of 2010, Kitsilano High School, Vancouver, Canada! Trevor, my son, is the middle one.

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Dredging the harbour in Cobourg Ontario has created a spectacular playground for all children including these two. These two, our children, call this man made playground the “Star Wars Planet”.

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The Heat is on…

The Ontario April heat wave starts today! Except… why is Cobourg not participating :( Everyone else around us gets up into the twenties tomorrow. Why not us? I guess a road trip is in order :D

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A lack of funding.

 Does one property owner on Bay Street(Cobourg) really have that much clout to destroy a green space so that they can have their own personal buffer area from the public beach? Who pays for this?

 Maybe people around here should start looking in their own back yard and see what’s going on.  It is just madness.

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Thing one, two, and three.

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